Keltech’s vision is to be recognized as a world class leader in contract manufacturing incorporating our continuous drive for excellence on product quality, providing customer service, efficiency, creativity, employee’s welfare and corporate social responsibility. With a friendly atmosphere, employee discipline, and management's commitment to excellence, we continuously seek out customers who share our commitment to collaboration, value-added design and development of quality products.

Our Mission

We seek to strengthen and further expand our position as a global market leader in contract manufacturing by being committed to providing innovative manufacturing and design solutions that surpass our customers’ expectations in quality, supply chain management, delivery and cost efficiency and by collaborating and integrating with our client’s teams to ensure success. Keltech will advance its mission through the following four strategic objectives:

  1. To promote Keltech as a world class leader in Contract Manufacturing
  2. To ensure financial stability
  3. Further develop the quality and reputation of Keltech’s engineering and manufacturing to be recognised internationally as best practice
  4. To continuously engage in staff and organisational development for sustainability

Our Core Values

Keltech’s core values are embodied in how we do business and how we interact with our customers, partners, and colleagues every day. Our shared vision and shared values will enable us to effectively carry out our mission.

  • Our strength as a company is based on the talent and commitment of our employees. Therefore, we dedicate resources toward their professional growth and development.
  • We promote teamwork, in an atmosphere of inclusion, support, empowerment, honesty, integrity and continuous improvement.
  • We continuously demonstrate the highest standards of integrity, ethics, professionalism and mutual respect in all aspects of our business.
  • We adopt a non-compromising approach to maintaining the highest quality standards in our manufacturing and production processes.
  • We foster a pioneering spirit of enquiry, intellectual curiosity and innovation in our efforts to research, design and deliver plug and play solutions for our customers.
  • We assume collective and individual responsibility towards maintaining our valued economic and intellectual independence as an organisation.