Selwood Case Study

generator enclosure

Moving from an old welded design of Canopy unit to a modular panelled unit , powder coated and easy to assemble using modern materials and processes.

Selwood Company Background

Selwood have operated within the pump industry since 1946. Selwood have designed and manufactured mobile site pumps since 1950, are the current No.1 pump hire in the UK and have a £50m annual turnover employing 420 staff throughout its network

The Challenge

For over 20 years Selwood have been using a 1-piece welded design for all their canopies. With this type of design and due to its size and nature of use in the field the unit was prone to damage, wear and tear. When a part or panel got damaged it could not easily be removed or replaced and the units would soon look the worst. Internal rockwool when wet would loose its sound insulation qualities and was quickly destroyed.
Selwood required a collaborative innovative approach employing modern manufacturing technology to re-engineer and re-design its canopies.

Keltech Assistance

  • The methodological approach for this project was broken into the following phases:
  • Review of current design and issues with Selwood technical staff
  • Concept ideas sent for discussion
  • SolidWorks 3D models developed showing changes and operation
  • Prototype manufactured
  • Testing of new acoustic foam which was designed by Keltech for sound and heat dissipation
  • Changes were made as requested
  • Sign off on new design

The Solution

Keltech developed a powder coated sheet metal panel solution that was modular in design and assembly combined with modern acoustic material that gave excellent long lasting results in the field against water damage.

A future proof solution was developed.

Benefit for Selwood

  • Modular design so damaged panels could be replaced easily
  • Powder coated for a more durable finish
  • Long lasting acoustic foam for better results
  • Easy to assemble on their site
  • More modern design

“ Selwood suppliers are more than just component providers. We look to incorporate within our supply chain, partners in business that we can develop mutually beneficial relationships with. In Keltech we have found such a partner that can enhance our own product with their knowledge and expertise and at the same time expand their own business. I am pleased to say it is a pleasure to deal with such a professional company as Keltech.”

Lawrence Bradbury - Technical Director Selwood Pumps