Account Management

design planning

From the day that we move forward with a new customer you will work with a Senior Account Manager and a day to day customer service adviser. Their role is to make the transition to Keltech as professional as possible. The Account manager will take a macro view of your account and ensure that all the critical steps of the introduction phase are managed through all departments. Customer service will work on the detail of your orders ensuring each order is reviewed in detail and tracking it through the process and keeping the communication channels open to the customer at all times.

Our Caliach ERP system is at the heart of the control of you product through the company, here you will find

  • BOMS
  • Production Routes
  • Planning
  • Inventory
  • Shipping

This allows the people managing your product/service to have their finger on the pulse of what is happening allowing them to make good decisions in a timely manner whilst always having the customer at the centre of all these decisions.

The people who work with our customers are highly skilled with a long number of years of experience across all departments in the company; their aim is to exceed customer expectations. Through a series of critical KPI’s they keep senior management up to date weekly on all trends and allows the company to make the right decisions in real time.

Through these people you will always know your products are getting the management expertise you would expect.