European Cabins Demand Soars

A combination of different market dynamics has created a perfect storm increasing the need for relaible cabins manufacturers in Europe. To meet and exceed the requirements of manufacturers of single operated vehicles in the Off-Highway OEM sector Keltech have made significant investment in our Vehicle Cabin Manufacturing Division - the department has quickly become the fastest growing at Keltech in 2018.

Specific investment in our plant (welding, surface finishing) has increased our capacity and manufacturing capabilities significantly along with the introduction of a NPI engineering department hand picked to work solely on this product line.

Keltech manufacture fully assembled Vehicle Cabins with ROPs & FOPs certification, we specialize in surface finishing to the highest standards in keeping with the expectations of world renowned OEMs. All components (such as glass, wipers, electronics, doors, lights, etc..) are preinstalled by Keltech and we supply a plug-and-play cabin solution, finished to the last detail specified by our OEM customer.

Our cabins business is proving to be the perfect compliment to our reservoir tanks business as many customers are taking advantage of the obvious economies of scale. For a growing number of our customers Keltech have improved distribution efficiency and load utilization as we now ship vehicle cabins with reservoir tanks stored inside during transport. This has had a drastic effect on reducing logistic costs for these customers.

With our 30 year history of serving the world’s largest OEMs and the recent developments in the European cabin market, Keltech are perfectly positioned to offer you quality and stability for your vehicle cabin demand.

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