Keltech Engineered Excellence "Jigs & Fixtures"

Keltech's customer portfolio boasts some of the worlds largest brand names in Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEMs). Company reputation and success is built on our superior quality. This fact is more impressive when taking into account the complexity and variation of parts we manufacture for our enviable customer base at our Waterford facility.

Keltech welding jigs and fixtures are custom designed and manufactured on site by the process division of our engineering department. Tooling is developed per part number to ensure; part accuracy, repeatability, stable production efficiency and operator optimum ergonomic conditions.

During the VOC (Voice of Customer) consultation stage we diagnose the critical elements of each part that must be met. We stick rigorously to a Poka-yoke methodology during the design phase which aids in the seamless transition of parts into serial production.

Simple But Effective Examples.

Case study 1:
Two Filler necks protrude from a tank at an angle to the tank surface (one on each side) Jig J270 ensures that the filler necks are inserted at the correct angle, height, and rotation. The jig has inbuilt provision for installing the left-hand and right-hand filler necks using existing features on the tank to prevent incorrect use. It also uses cut outs to reduce its weight and provide convenient grab handles for the operator. Interlocking parts allow the jig to be assembled without the need for measuring or aligning critical parts.

Case study 2:
The tank filler neck needs to be orientated exactly to ensure the customers logo is rotated correctly once the cap is installed. Jig J233 locks the filler neck in the correct position, at the correct height and square to the surface of the tank. It uses the filler necks cap locking geometry to lock the filler neck to the jig in the correct orientation. The use of this clever jig means there is no requirement for any operator measuring or alignment. The design of the laser cut parts ensures that when the jig is assembled every part is perfectly square.

Case study 3:
Class A safety Roll Cage with hundreds of critical dimensions to be met. Jig J152 ensures accurate locating during its manufacture of all critical points. This simplifies the task of assembling the roll cage and prevents operator error where parts maybe placed incorrectly. It also ensures the Roll Cage does not distort during assembly. The jig includes centre of gravity indicators, these aid internal factory transport and also provide a safe attachment for the overhead crane when removing the Roll Cage from the jig defect free. A vehicle Roll Cage can quite literally be the difference between life and death, there is no margin for error.

A special thanks to Liam Fitzpatrick for writing this months blog.


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