Keltech Packs Punches On Light Gauge

Here at Keltech we know a thing or two about sheet steel. We cut in the region of 7,500 tonnes of sheet steel every year when producing complex fabrications for several of the world's leading Original Equipment Manufacturers. To put that tonnage in context; at our 150,000 sq. ft Irish facility we cut 1 Eiffel Tower worth of steel every year.

At Keltech every fabricated part that is manufactured begins on either one of our Trumpf 5000R CNC Punches or one of our Trumpf Lasers. Both have their advantages; the combination at Keltech under one roof forms a formidable customer proposition. Laser cutting can profile complex shapes quickly without the need for special tooling, whereas punching is a cost effective option for larger volumes.

It is important for our existing and potential customers to understand the possibilities of todays precision punching machines which can produce savings versus other cutting methods. Keltech can punch up to 6mm thickness in Mild steel & 3mm in Stainless steel. Through customer investment we can offer a vast array of special tooling options to allow parts be punched; Louvre’s, Shear tool, Extrusions, Countersinks, Scribe, Zip-Tech etc

When designing components the process of manufacturing should always be considered. All fabricated punched parts have a top side and an underside. Ideally, the underside of the material should finish on the inside of the final component. Why not rely on Keltech for this type of support at the design stage?

Laser Cutting can complete complex shaped parts and is suited to intricate or low volume components. At Keltech we can laser cut Mild Steel up to 25mm Thickness, 8mm in Aluminium & 15mm in Stainless Steel, using either Oxygen or Nitrogen.

Keltech typically work with carbon steel, galvanized or pre-coated steel and aluminium, high carbon and high tensile steels, and stainless steel.

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