Keltech Target Tank Growth

Six of the top ten construction original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the world procure their steel fuel and hydraulic tanks from Keltech, a specialized tank manufacturer based in Waterford, Ireland. The company recently finished a multi-million euro transformation of its operations and the focus is now firmly on expanding its already impressive tank business.

Director of Business Development Seamus Lawlor « On average we now produce around 800-1,000 tanks a week at our facility. Our tanks are used by a wide array of Original Equipment Manufacturers in sectors such as material processing, material handling, construction, agriculture and so on. »

Supplying tanks for over 25 years the Waterford based company has built a global brand. « I don’t think its a coincidence that the biggest brands have been choosing Keltech tanks » Seamus continues. « We supply customers in Ireland, The UK, France, Belgium, Germany and the USA. The common dominator is trust, a tank be it Hydraulic or Fuel is a critical element in machine performance. Our competence in areas such as internal cleanliness, robust leak testing and surface finish is why 6 (soon to be 7) of the largest construction OEMs choose Keltech. »

The exciting bit is Keltech see the potential for more, much more. The recent investment which has transformed the factory has doubled the capacity potential.

The Capex investments in the latest cutting and bending technology now enables the business to process much more sheet steel tonnage however its the investment strategy in welding and painting which will provide Keltech with the market edge Seamus explains.

“Welding is one of industries biggest bottlenecks at the moment. The newest section of our plant K3 (a 40,000 square feet space) is now fully operational with the sole purpose of creating “World Class Welding Capacity”.

The section houses our Advanced Robotic Welding Technology. 2 brand new Valk robotic welding centres with a 3rd to follow in the coming months.”

K3 also offers our certified welders the ideal environment to carry out their craft. State of the art air fed weld PPE, lifting equipment, hall extraction, Fronius pulse welding plants combined with the world class training programme we facilitate on site.

The now crowning glory of Keltech’s operation is our purpose built Powder Paint Plant. The newly commissioned plant dubbed “KWrap” is one of the most innovative coating solutions available on the market.

Seamus Explains “Our customers products are constantly exposed to the harsh elements of nature. It could be a Generator working in an Australian mine, a 20 Tonne Excavator operating on the German Autobahn, or a Street Side Cabinet in a city center; driving rain, dust, sand and sunlight are unforgiving forces that wear on paintwork all year around.

To uphold the paint quality and performance year after year, it is absolutely crucial to provide an effective anti-corrosion surface protection. KWrap is a technologically advanced and environmentally friendly pre-treatment followed by a single or double layer of powder paint.

When I talk to customers the message is very simple “Our Paint, Your Brand”. Paint is almost always the top priority for customers, this investment firmly cements our position as market leaders.”


With the investments now in situ Keltech are targeting further growth in the coming years. “With our new capabilities we see a major growth opportunity in the market that we are hoping to capitalize on now.

We have developed are real niche expertise in the manufacture of tanks, that paired with the capacity potential is an exciting proposition for existing and new customers. » Seamus concludes.

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