Keltech turn Deise Men’s shed concept into reality!

In early September a gentleman waited patiently in Keltech reception holding a free hand sketch with some outline dimensions. After a brief chat he introduced himself as John Flavin, a member of the local Deise Mens shed. He was enquiring; could Keltech help build a non-slip ramp for the local workshop.

Seamus Lawlor Director Of Business Development “John’s timing was pretty perfect. Once a year we look to “support local” with some sort of goodwill project. In the past we have done things like fit out the local primary school (Holy Family Junior School) with Keltech manufactured waste bins. We were just about to seek out our 2022 support local project when John walked through our doors.”

Immediately there was a synergy between Keltech and the Men’s Shed. Craft and skill are instantly evident when you visit the Deise workshop, along with a bit of jolly banter among the members; very similar to the culture Keltech endeavors to foster.”

Having scoped the project out Keltech Engineering Manager Pat Power lead a multi department effort to turn John’s hand sketch into reality.

Engineer Murillo Montilha was first to take up the mantle. With care and precision, he developed a full engineering pack that included detailed fabrication drawings and a bill of materials that would be required to complete the job.

Next up Keltech apprentices Kieran Daniels and Chris Waddle under the tutelage of Pat & their Area Manager Neill Hudson started to bring the project to life. A special mention to this team as they went over and above with much of the work completed over a number of Saturdays as to not disrupt our weekly production flow.

Diligently tracking and coordinating the project throughout was Lorcan Fullam who made sure all T’s were crossed and the I’s were dotted before we made the handover to this worthy cause.

Many thanks to John and all the members who gave the Keltech crew a very warm welcome (& some smashing cake) when they visited on Tuesday morning. Quote of the day came from Kieran Daniels when he was complimented by one of the members on his welding skill he simply replied, “Game Recognises Game”.

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