OEM's "Why Choose a Keltech Fuel Tank"

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Are you incurring higher warranty costs related to fuel components since the introduction of newer engine systems? Did you know the internal cleanliness of your fuel tank  may be a contributing factor?

Common Rail diesel fuel injection systems produce greater power, efficiency, and cleaner operation than prior types of diesel fuel injection systems. One key to accomplishing these gains is a Common Rail system operates at pressures around 4 times that of traditional systems and with much tighter part clearances and tolerances.

One of the primary causes of Common Rail injector failure is diesel fuel contamination which may be caused in part by the level of contamination contained in your tank supplied by your sub-contract provider.

Kel-Tech have produced tanks for leading OEM’s coming on almost 20 years now. As a customer focused proactive supplier Kel-Tech identified with this growing problem and began carrying out research.

It became quickly evident that internal tank contamination was a by-product of the manufacturing process which was inevitable. The existing industry processes of cleaning internally manually simply just were not “cutting the mustard”. Interestingly, our research pointed us to the fact that the smaller particles which were not visible to the naked eye were the contaminants that are most responsible for fuel system failures. In other words a visually clean looking tank may not necessarily mean that seriously harmful contaminants do not still exist within capable of damaging highly sensitive fuel systems.

Several trials were carried out and eventually Kel-Tech developed a “post painting” wash system. Here tanks are washed internally for a sustained period of time under pressure with a mix of chemical and water and then the contents drained. Tanks are then treated with a spray oil on the internal surface.Tank internal cleanliness when tested had improved immeasurably through this system.

We then process mapped the journey of our tanks to final fit out at our OEM’s facilities. We quickly identified that the chance of external contaminants entering the tank in that time was high. Owing to this we set about fully furnishing our tanks directly after the washing process with all final fit components: filters, gauges, manifolds etc all now becoming part of our scope of supply, we then bung all remaining ports to ensure the tank is fully sealed at Kel-Tech and is now in a pre-configured state ready to be fitted directly to the OEM’s machine.

This scope of supply allows for little or no chance of contamination in period where the tank has left Kel-Tech and when it is finally assembled to the machine. A by product in this development driven by our desire to offer a real solution is the benefit the customer now experiences as the tank becomes a 1 line item order on a fixed lead time, also the tank in a pre-configured state can now be offered straight up to the machine and allowing the end customer divert capacity once needed to dress the tank to other more value add areas!

We offer the same scope of supply on all our hydraulic tanks providing the same positive benefits to your hydraulic systems.

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