Our Surface Finish; Your Brand

Our global OEM customers appreciate the importance of a high quality surface finish on their products. This is very important to the overall perception of a product and the reputation of the brand it belongs to. In addition to the visual and aesthetic factors, the surface finish plays a direct role in the longevity and quality of products.

At Keltech, we have been painting and powder coating for over 20 years.
For us, these are tried and tested processes that have been perfected by decades of continuous improvement. With this experience comes a high degree of repeatability, knowledge and quality.

The quality of a powdercoat depends greatly on the surface preparation before painting has even begun.

Improper surface preparation will lead to poor adhesion of the powdercoat, poor impact resistance and corrosion of the metal underneath.
Unless made from Stainless Steel or Aluminium, our reservoir tanks are fabricated using ‘Hot Rolled Pickeled and Oiled’ (HRPO) Steel. This material undergoes an acid pickling process to remove all oxides and contaminants on the surface that would otherwise interfere with painting. The material is then oiled in an effort to reduce its exposure to the air and prevent oxidation and corrosion.

Our reservoir tanks undergo a zinc phosphate surface treatment before paint or powder coating.
This ensures that before powder coating, parts are thoroughly cleaned and contaminants that would inhibit adhesion, such as oils, are removed from the steel.
Once completed, the zinc phosphate coating provides an excellent surface for powder and paint to adhere to.

Zinc Phosphate’s combination of corrosion resistance and enabling strong adhesion between the metal substrate and the paint or powder coating results in a significant overall protection and longevity for all of our products.

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