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At Keltech we have been a trusted partner to globally recognised OEM’s for over 25 years. For the past 15 years we have supplied ROPS & FOPS approved overhead guards and cabins to our OEM customer base whom manufacture machinery for the harshest of environments. Our Cabins are designed and manufactured with futuristic appeal, using our own bespoke curved arrow head profile, curved front windscreens along with sliding or hinged doors as desired to allow the operator have maximum visibility and security.

Did you know we can design and manufacture from concept? Or alternatively reverse engineer from a physical sample or manufacture an existing cabin from customer drawings. Our flexible approach to manufacturing allows us serve both high and low volume demands.

Here is how it works:


Keltech offer design support at concept stage or on mature product, ensuring a best fit for purpose solution.

Design Implementation support is including but not limited to:

  • Concept Sketching
  • Concept 3D drawing to scale allowing the OEM to virtually fit the proposed cabin/cabins to their machine
  • Hardware/Component selection. Keltech have robust global supply chain partners related to Cabins
  • Keltech provide ongoing support during the cabin’s life, with the capabilities to tailor individual cabins to specific customer requirements

Cabin Concepts 1

Development and Engineering

Keltech’s dedicated NPI team, through the use of the latest version of solidworks 3D, will develop the working drawings package and bring your Cabin to life

Our dedicated Cabins and Overhead Guards Engineering department come with a wealth of experience. They are customer and industry focused insuring that solutions are tailored to best suit the needs of our clients.

Prototyping and Industry Standard Testing

Keltech provide top quality prototypes and samples in agreed timelines and on budget.

Our Prototype team provide product with absolute dimensional accuracy allowing the OEM fully evaluate the cabin in complete confidence.

Full ROPS & FOPS accreditation provided on final design prior to serial production.

APQP «Advanced Product Quality Planning»

Keltech supply a large portfolio of new parts to globally recognisable OEM brands on an ongoing basis, hence an existing robust and competent APQP system is in place.

Keltech can, if required, provide PPAP & PFMEA documentation on all new Cabins and Over-Head Guards

Any and all revision changes to Class A Safety critical components manufactured at Keltech are processed and approved by the quality team before serial production release is re-granted.

Production Process

Cabins are built through specifically designed Jigs & Fixtures ensuring a consistent standard and quality

Cabins are Pre-treated and Painted to the very highest standards or as we like to call it ‘Surface Engineering’

Cabins are assembled by our highly skilled and trained operators using robust SOP documentation specifically designed for the cabin variation


Preconfigured Integration

Cabins are assembled and fitted with agreed sub components; locks, hinges, acoustic foam, wiring, wiper systems, glass, seats, steering controls, etc.

Cabins are built to a fully integrated state or a semi integrated state pendant on customer requirement

Keltech’s long standing experience within the industry ensures we use only the highest of quality sub components. Cabins and Over-head guards are built to perform in the harshest of environments.

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Integrated cab


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