Keltech Hygiene Solutions

Protect your customers & staff

Recent events worldwide have changed the way we live, work and do business. As regular hand sanitisation becomes an integral part of everyday life, we have designed the K-CARE no-touch sanitising solution to aid you in protecting your customers and staff. K-CARE is designed to be a long term solution to what is fast becoming a long term problem.

Here at our state of the art facility in Waterford, Keltech have been manufacturing metal assemblies for over 30 years. We have manufacturing capability to take orders ranging from one hundred right up into the thousands, dependent on your requirement.


K-CARE is available in neutral branding as standard but can be customised with your branding on request, with a range of colour options available.

✅Unique internal high capacity feeder tank with simple refill. ?

✅Low maintenance with over 6,000 dispenses per fill. ?

✅No touch auto gel dispensing operated by our low power draw system. ?

✅Durable metal design, premium paint finish.?

✅Available for order in a range of standard colors. ?

Healthcare Pedal bin range

Keltech is proud to manufacture the FrontLineHeros range of pedal bins and refuse sack holders. Our sturdy steel pedal bins provide a no touch opening and closing system for waste disposal. The lid when closed is perfectly sealed ensuring the potentially contaminated waste is now secure. Our front opening door allows staff to easily change in and out bags as needed.

Key Safety Features:

• Rear wheels for ease of movement

• Front opening panel for easy bag removal/fitment

• Fire retardant to: Propagation of Flame: BS 476 part 6 & Spread of Flame: BS 476 part 7

• Rubber pads to reduce noise when closing

20Ltr Pedal Bin Specification REV01

50Ltr Pedal Bin Specification REV02

70Ltr Pedal Bin Specification REV05