High Volume Fabrication

Keltech is one of the largest sheet metal engineering and metal fabrication companies in Europe. We deliver precision sheet metal fabrication to the worlds largest OEMs.

From our 160,000 sq ft state of the art manufacturing site we operate in many industries including Engine & Cooling manufacturing, Telecommunications, Renewable Energy, Electrical Switchgear and Power Distribution systems but to mention a few. Keltech is perfectly positioned to meet any subcontract sheet metal engineering requirement through leading technology.

Whether your product requires CNC punching, laser cutting, metal forming, welding, powder coating, or mechanical assembly, Keltech has the engineering capacity to fulfil requirements with agility and speed.

Keltech is the one-stop metalwork partner for all your custom metal fabrication needs with high-quality metal work capabilities.

Our structured investment plan in recent times has put Keltech at the forefront of manufacturing.

Our competitors may offer one or more elements of our scope but few can provide the full spectrum of linked processes that we can.

Keltech Process 1 : Cutting, materials are cut according to requirements using any one of our numerous Trumpf punches (up to 6mm) or our Trumpf laser (up to 25mm)

Keltech Process 2: Folding/Forming, most parts must next be formed into shape using one of our 10 Trumpf Press brakes

Keltech Process 3: Cellular Welding/Advanced Robotic Welding, Parts consisting of various components are tacked and welded together in individual cells by our coded welders or on one of our advanced robotic welders.

Keltech Process 4: Five Stage Zinc Phosphate Pretreatment, Parts are then cleaned and chemically treated on our automated plant. (Shotblast operational by Q1 2024)

Keltech Process 5: Powder/Wet Paint, Parts are coated inline with customer specification

Keltech Process 6: Kitted Parts are assembled into a complete unit before being packed for dispatch