KWrap Paint

Whatever your industry, your machine goes through a lot…..

Machinery is constantly exposed to the harsh elements of nature. Whether working in an Australian mine , on the German Autobahn, or in the middle of a city centre construction site; driving rain, dust, sand and sunlight are unforgiving forces that wear on your machines paintwork all year around.

To uphold the paint quality and performance year after year, it is absolutely crucial to provide your machine with an effective anti-corrosion surface protection. This is why Keltech have created KWrap: an innovative paint process that provides the industry’s toughest protection in all weather conditions.

KWrap is a technologically advanced and environmentally friendly pre-treatment and double layer powder paint process. Extensive field testing has repeatedly demonstrated that KWrap offers a best in class protection for your machine.

Keltech periodically run tests on the KWrap process at an independent laboratory to verify the resistance to corrosion, adherence and permeation.

“Our Paint, Your Brand”


„Selwood-Lieferanten sind mehr als nur Komponentenanbieter. Wir möchten Geschäftspartner in…

- Lawrence Bradbury, Technischer Direktor Selwood Pumps